Thursday, 1 February 2018

Lesotho 212: the Survivors & the Infected

Last month I visited Warhammer World in Nottingham for a INQ28 game. It was a great game with a LOT of talented hobbyists. I've never seen that many fantastic warbands in one day. Jonathan Hartman (@Shibboleth02 on Instagram) arranged the event, and made the breathtaking terrain. 

I'll leave links to blogs and instagram-accounts on the bottom of the page. I really recommend checking them out!!

I have a lot of photos from the game, but I'm saving them for the battle-report I'll write in the next post. This post will focus on the miniatures I made for the event. 

I mostly used Poxwalkers and resin Servitors to make the Survivors and the Zombies. I wanted to make it look like all the miniatures came from the same research facility. My goal in the game was to get my survivors out of the Lesotho 2-12 labyrinth. I wanted it to look like my gang originally worked at the facility, so I painted them in white and bright orange to match the colours of the terrain. 

The biggest mutant I made was based on a Forge World Plague Ogryn. This was actually the same miniature John Blanche used for making one of his abominations:


PS: Remember my Great Unclean One competition!!
If you want to share your WIP pictures, you can use the hashtag: #GUOcompetition.

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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Competition: Great Unclean One

2018 will be the year of the Great Unclean one. With a brand new miniature from GW representing the Greater Daemon, I think it’s time for a competition on this blog.

How to enter the competition:

Make your representation of a Great Unclean One.

You can choose whatever artform/miniature you want. With the new GUO from GW I hope to see a lot of entries based on this miniature, but you don’t have to use it. I’ll accept older versions of the daemon, the Forge World version or your own sculpts. I’ll even accept GUO artworks (paintings, drawings, digital art, etc.). The only criterion is that it has to be a finished representation of the GUO. If you enter a miniature it has to be fully painted. You don’t have to convert the miniature, but it’s recommended to do so to make it unique.

If you enter a miniature, you have to send a minimum of two pictures. Front and back. You can send other angles/details if you like, but no more than five pictures per entry. Work in progress pictures are appreciated, but not mandatory. 

If you enter an artwork, you just have to send one image.

The pictures must be sent to:

More information:

The entries must be sent before the end of April: Monday 30th of April at midnight Norwegian time (11.00 PM in Great Britain)

Every accepted entry will be posted on the blog. If you want to write a few words about your thoughts on the project, include them in the mail with the pictures, but no more than 300 words. 

The best three entries will get some sweet prizes!! The prizes will probably be a gold, silver or bronze statue and a small bag of bits for future conversions.

Good luck everyone!

Sunday, 7 January 2018

The Miniatures of 2017

Hello hello hello!! Happy new year everyone!
2017 was my most creative year so far. I've converted and painted even more miniatures this year than i did in 2016. I hope 2018 will be even better!

January (and the end of 2016)

I started 2017 with the Vortapt IV project, and expanded my Pestigor warband. 




In April I turned Robute Gulliman into a Chaos Lord of Malal for AoS28. I also managed to complete several half finished miniatures for Silver Tower and Nestorian Infestation. 


In May I entered a duel in Golden Daemon and got a finalist pin!


My Genestealer Cult for Nestorian Infestation was featured in Blanchitsu in July. I also got my hands on the new 40k starter-box and started a new Nurgle project. I finally got around to paint the Lord of Slaanesh I converted several years ago. 


In August, September and October I worked on my Tor Megiddo warband. I traveled to Helsinki in October and played an awesome game with several talented hobbyists!




It was about time GW made some better proportioned Space Marine miniatures. I'll definitely convert some more Primaris Marines in 2018.


My AoS28 collection is slowly getting bigger. In 2018 I'm planning to add a Great Unclean One to the group.

Thats it for 2017! My favourite miniature of the year is probably the Abalone Mutant (the thing with claws and a snail shell from August). Which one is your favourite??

Monday, 18 December 2017

AoS28: Monster Competition by Ex Profundis

The results for Ex Profundis' AoS28 Monster Competition were just released. A lot of great entries, you can see the winners HERE. When I saw the post I realised that I haven't posted my entry here yet. 

So here it is! A fleshy blob of Chaos!

I painted the base like the Chaos Lord based on Gulliman I made earlier this year. My collection of AoS28 miniatures is slowly growing.